LG Got her Grove Back

LG Got her Grove Back

I’ve lived and have been running in NYC for about 7 years now. For 6 of those years I never ran the NYC Half Marathon. But this year the lottery gods were on my side, and I finally received an entry through NYRR.  I’ve always heard how fun of a race it is, and what a great course it is, so I was pumped to be part of it this year.

With the marathon about 2 months behind me and being right in the middle of the long, cold winter months, I had been feeling less than motivated to run and was getting antsy to train for something, anything.  So this was perfect timing. I picked out a training plan I found online, and put everything in my calendar. Long runs on the weekends, some hill work, plans to go to the track, added in some cross training and yoga days. I was ready to go!

Week 1 came and went and - running wise - was kind of .. no it WAS.. a fail.  It’s okay, I told myself, next week you will get to it.  Well, week 2 came and went and same thing. Aaaaand week 3 was a repeat of weeks 1 and 2.

I don’t know what it was, but running felt SO. FREAKIN. HARD.  My weekend long runs were mostly awful feeling and there were several times I thought to myself “How on earth did I run 26.2 miles only 2 months ago?!”. Any weekday hill or speed work plans I had were thrown out the window. Those runs just became about getting in a few miles.

With March 19th quickly approaching, I was feeling like I had lost my running mojo and was not looking forward to the race at all anymore.  Even the day before and the morning of, the pre-race excitement adrenaline was not kicking in.  I just wanted to get it over with.

Well, for how crabby pants I was about the whole thing, to my utter shock, I had SO MUCH FUN and totally crushed the course feeling strong AF.  There was no PR, but it was the second best half marathon I’ve ever run. The second I crossed that finish line, before even looking at my watch to see my time, I thought to myself: “Oh yea! Stella’s got her groove back!”

So this all obviously has me thinking, what gives?! How did I go from being miserable about even running the NYC Half to having one of my best races in a loooooooong time?

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