Day Breaker: The Year of the Rooster

Day Breaker: The Year of the Rooster

2017 is the year of the rooster, a day maker, a call to action.

In so many ways it's already been a year of great change, followed as always with great uncertainty. At these times I'm left to wonder what remains as a tangible object I can hold onto. With every year older I'm left to give up another security held fast in childhood. There are no “security blankets” in adulthood.

Although I've only analyzed my personal circumstance I wonder if this intangibility is a contributor to the quarter life crisis characterizing our generation. But then again, I think of all the amazing things our generation has created from intangible property. We are the babies of the Internet, the children of the app revolution, and the pioneers of the future tech standard. We live our lives on an intangible platform and not only rely but thrive on its uncalculated depth of opportunity.

As a direct result of this intangibility, we’ve also been able to achieve ambiguity. Our relationships are concealed behind the veil of a screen, and this is convenience comes with incredible price. I’m guilty of it too. I’ve used social media to portray very specific sides of myself. I’ve used the distance of a screen or internet conversation to voice thoughts I’d never deem appropriate in face to face contact. I’ve lost a portion of the credibility for which I used to hold in the highest esteem: to be fully accountable.

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