Marathon Season is here.. What to get your Favorite Runner

Marathon season is upon us, and with the NYC Marathon less than 1 week away, you may be wondering, "what should I get my favorite runner on her special day?" Below is a list of some starter ideas to get your basket going. Top with a heartfelt note and card and you'll be sure to have your pal in tears, aided by both your thoughtful gesture and the emotional output of the final days in taper.

Here's a few links for the items above:

GuHoney Stinger | Clif

Body Glide

How Running Helped My Yoga Practice

How Running Helped My Yoga Practice

As runners, we are creatures of movement; drawn by the pulse and rhythm we get from the road. Often, we become dependent on the movement to maintain our state of equilibrium. Science will tell us this is the result of endorphins – tiny elemental chemicals which flow through our veins after a tough workout bringing messages to the brain of elation and excitement. We, as runners, concede it is not just endorphins but freedom, competition, habit, and community which bring us to the road.

I know – for me – after a tough week, an argument, or simply the drain which is the corporate America lifestyle of being chained to a desk, I want nothing more than to counter the stagnation with heart pumping thrill. So, you ask, where does the yoga come in? For me, it was the replacement – or the augment – to a former life of dance. After beginning full-time work, I noticed a slip in posture, a lack of stretch, and a terrifyingly cluttered brain that wouldn’t slow at night, wouldn’t calm in silence. Two years into work I became a frequent sufferer of panic attacks. They came on with suffocating intensity, racing heart, tingling fingers and the fog of the thickest storm cloud clouding out any clarity to my motion.

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