Resolve to Surrender

Resolve to Surrender

My largest resolution is to surrender to the feelings, the moments, and the process of growing and evolving each minute, hour, day, and week of the new year. I resolve to fully absorb.

The effects of this resolution to surrender transcend into a few different things:

The first is a different approach to goal-making and goal-tracking. I recently read an article The Art of Goal Setting by pro runner Lauren Fleshman that resonated deeply with what I’m striving for in 2018. She urges us to “set process goals, not outcome goals.” The reason for this is that the process is within our control. Because of this it makes the steps of goal setting and goal reaching more introspective, and therefore more attainable. For example, my goal of running a sub-4 marathon is NOT an example to follow. While that may be a part of the initial process of wish-listing, the course, weather, sickness, or any number of things could have ruined a whole summer of training in one explosion of disappointment.

If I had instead set out to say my goals were to do X number of workouts per week, pushing myself Y number of days, and keeping a training journal to hold myself accountable, I may have seen the process transition into the ultimate result.

The second is to to high-bar the goal-setting path. In 2017, I set goals that I’d been tickling for so long they were no longer something on the distant horizon. Even before the 2017 new year, I had what I would consider a near-breakdown over my job situation. I’d also already discussed with said man of my dreams about the potential to move in together. These weren’t really goals so much as they were “plans.” As a result I stripped myself from the potential to truly dig into my soul and see what I was capable of. Apart from pushing myself further than I ever have before in my running, I wasn’t really reaching to capture my other goals. I was lazily jotting down nice things I hoped would happen to me, but was already pretty sure would.

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