WTF – The Modern Day Power Mantra

WTF – The Modern Day Power Mantra

I used identify as an 'everything happens for a reason' person but have lost some faith in that belief system over the years. I prefer to identify as a 'learnist' - learn from everything and everyone to make you better.

WTF. Three common sometimes comedic letters that if you are like me you use on the REG.

I.e., “WTF is with people not reading the ‘be courteous’ signs on the subway and wearing their back packs during rush hour????”

Daily annoyance WTFs aside, I've developed a new positive love for WTF, not just in angry moments. It can be a powerful agent of change.

2016 was supposed to be my sub-4 hour grand comeback debut after a 3 year marathon training hiatus. This was my focus and my main life goal for the year. I came back stronger than ever physically, training runs paces were in the right range in dismal summer conditions. It seemed not just possible, but very likely and achievable in Chicago.

Sub-4 did not happen in Chicago. Sub-4 did not happen in Philly by 55 seconds.

After a lot of WTF, I realized my 4:00:54 in Philly is no coincidence. I’ve been a serious competitive athlete my whole life winning state soccer championships and running on champion relay teams. I can't turn a blind eye and say better luck next time to a missed goal. I could just take the easy way out and attribute the 54 seconds to the fact that I didn't wear a watch and really didn't know how close I was, or the rough wind. I figured if I was going to miss it, I'd come in at like 4:05 and it would have been a valiant effort in my 2nd marathon 6 weeks after Chicago. Never did I think I'd be that close, so I figured it was time to pay attention to the universe messaging.

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Jessica Ferrucci

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