10 Tricks to Stay Cool under Pressure

1. Morning workouts

There will be no other time and then you'll just be kicking yourself about it when you're 3 days into a bad trend.

2. Stick to your bedtime

10PM. That's it. If you don't target this time you'll never even make it close.

3. Tea and Water

Stressful times mean body confusion around what it wants and needs. Fill it up with enough hydration to decipher the difference between hungry and thirsty.

4. Meal prep

You WILL eat better if you put the good stuff in front of you. Stress becomes synonymous with weird decisions, often made compulsively while you're passing a giant cookie in the deli line. But if you had a bangin pre-cooked lunch full of balanced, tasty treats then that wouldn't be such a tempting option. I'm not saying don't eat the cookie, I'm just saying give yourself the option.

5. Draw your suck line

A few months ago I read an incredible article by Meredith Atwood on athlete time management. She spoke about the impossibility of achieving everything on your list, and having the strength to see the limits of your reach and draw a literal “suck line” on your to-do list letting everything underneath fall off for that week.

6. Be direct (and stop feeling guilty about it)

You wouldn’t be your badass self if you weren’t killing it inside the office and out on the road, but there’s a limit to your candlestick. Be honest about how much more productive you’ll be in the office if you have the opportunity to shake it out on the road or in the gym each day.

7. Call in reinforcements

Crushing road races takes a village. So call in everyone that’s important to you. They’ll be your confidants, cheerleaders, partners, and - best of all - your contract to accountability.

8. Social Workouts

Feel guilty about not seeing your pals? But then more guilty about spending your only free Thursday consuming cash and calories on $16 cocktails? Take one social event a week and propose a walk, a spin class, a yoga class, or a rock climb.  

9. “No” - Say it with me - “No”

We overbook because we want it all. And as I’ve said so many times we deserve it all (we do!), but that means we reserve the right to say “not today.” Try to say it at least once a week. Don’t get flaky about it, but be honest when you’re at your “suck line.”


10. Smile at the small wins

This is the mantra. Life is a series of small wins and you need to take them when you get them. Walked down the stairs and right onto the train? Win. Dropped your coffee, but none got on your dress? Win. Make it out just early enough to grab the last class at the gym. Win. Miss the last class at the gym but make it to bed by 9:45? Still a win.

This is the manual. Life gets busy, and it’s a consistent balance, maybe even a juggle, to keep everything up. So sometimes don’t keep it up, let it come down. Go to bed early. Cancel your plans. Close your computer. Go to yoga. Drink tea in your underwear. Do the things that you need to do in the mini moments where you catch your breath so that when you come back, your game face is stronger than ever.

<3 The Happy Runner