The Side Hustle

We all (hopefully) have a vision of our dream job… be it the Carrie Bradshaw-shoe loving-fashionista columnist who never in six seasons of Sex and the City ever seemed to be constrained by the 9-5, or the Lotus pose inspiring- headstand machine-yogi with the ability to move people and bring together communities. The problem is while we all can and should achieve our purpose in this journey of life, the current reality - in most cases -  is that it’s not going to pay the ever looming combination of rent, wifi, transportation and a much-needed “treat yo-self” every now and again.

Enter “the side hustle.”

The sky is the limit.

The sky is the limit.

The side hustle is a term introduced to me by my college roommate. The mission is simple: while you’re carrying out your full-time, bill-paying obligations, do not ever stop doing the things to chase your dreams. The side hustle is the forever forward movement towards your purpose, what wanderlust calls your “true north.” If you need some direction pointing yourself north, see the Resolution Season and follow the steps on pin-pointing your direction.

Ideally, the side hustle should encompass these three things:

  1.  Provide you real and relevant experience towards what you ultimately want to do

  2. Align you with the appropriate network to expand into the field or venture you’re hoping to secure

  3. Earn you some cash money while you wait

So let’s break this down into some examples:

  1. If your passion is event planning, get involved in charity event planning to give back to your community while you beef up the experience section of your resume.

  2. If your passion is fitness and nutrition, look into getting certified to teach group exercise classes and start subbing some classes at your favorite gym or community center.

  3. Love writing? Every magazine and website you currently love is looking for guest writers…and if not there’s a ton of good publications that are. Market yourself and get to typing!

  4. If can’t get enough music mixing, singing or dancing….yep, audition for something and get back in the game.

Whatever you love – if it’s not your current gig – consider doing some light dating in the realm of future career motivation, and get yourself a side hustle.



Jessica Ferrucci

The Happy Runner is the everyday athlete; finding balance by carrying six coffees without spilling them on the subway, meditating on elevator rides, and weight lifting your laptop as your hurdle a puddle to make your 9AM meeting. The Happy Runner is a community of like-minded beautiful souls striving to add a little sense of movement and meditation back on the agenda.