Strawberry Fields

When Mother Nature was thinking about our well-being she packed these little juicy treats with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and just enough sweetness to make then delicious on top of their wealth of health benefits.

Select the freshest berries possible, and cut them into cereal, eat on top of Greek yogurt, or freeze and throw into smoothies instead of using ice cubes.



We're Ceci and Cristi Jayo. Twins, designers and co-founders of HIYO DESIGN. You may see some of our work in your everyday corner store or maybe driving along a highway. We’ve worked on the branding and design of many popular brands including Snapple, 7up, Orville popcorn, Busch Gardens, Jamaica Tourism Board and Amtrak. With years of experience working at CBX (Ceci) and FCB (Cristi) – top New York branding and advertising agencies, our work is trusted by these top brands as well as smaller startups that seek innovative design and fresh ideas. Both of us proudly hold BFAs in Communications Design from Syracuse University – GO ORANGE! Having been born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, you’ll find our personalities are as colorful as our designs. Our goal is to always maintain a positive attitude and make the design experience feel like a tropical vacation so just relax and enjoy!